My name is Larissa Schultz and I am running to represent District 23 because I want a unicameral that serves all Nebraskans – not just a select few. If elected, I will work to ensure that everyone in Nebraska has access to safe drinking water, fresh fruit and vegetables, medical freedom, affordable health care, and high quality public schools. If you feel the same way, please consider joining my campaign as a donor and volunteer.

I am a lifelong Nebraskan and have called Saunders County home for more than 20 years. I am a small business owner, yoga instructor, beekeeper, and an events manager. I am the chair of the Saunders County Democratic Party and am president of the Nebraska Young Democrats.

Ensuring that everyone has access to fresh fruits and vegetables is important to me. That is why I work for a  food nonprofit that rescues retail food waste and distributes it to food pantries. Since 2020, I’ve been donating the lion’s share of produce from my own extensive vegetable garden to fight food insecurity in our communities. I am a member of the Farmers Union of Nebraska  and the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society.

A New Nonpartisan Unicameral

As a nonpartisan legislature, all state senators should check their party affiliation at the door. Elected Officials should put Nebraskans first. As your state senator, I will answer to all Nebraskans.

Clean water for all Nebraskans

Nitrates in rural water have become a public health disaster in the form of childhood cancer rates. As your senator, I would support working with farmers to solve this problem by offering them support in practices that improve water, soil, and land quality.

Healthcare Access for Rural Communities

All Nebraskans should have equal access to healthcare, including emergency and specialty services & mental health resources. Our neighbors in rural communities are facing shortages in healthcare providers, long waitlists to see a doctor, 911 radio dead spots, and disproportionate rates at which farmers are dying by suicide.  As a senator, I would support legislation that helps secure more nurses/providers who commit to serving rural areas.

Medical Freedom

Nebraskans should be able to work with their doctors to determine medical decisions for themselves and their own children. Medical choices should be made with the assistance of healthcare providers, not politicians.  I will support legislation that gives Nebraskans medical freedom; including medical cannabis prescribed by medical doctors to be used for the treatment of specified conditions.

Retaining Young Nebraskans

Our young adults are leaving Nebraska and we are all paying the price through workforce shortages. Nebraska needs to offer our younger workforce higher-paying jobs that pay them enough to make their homes here. I will support legislation that brings affordable housing and childcare to all Nebraska communities so our neighbors can afford to raise their families in our great state.

Quality Education

Public education serves over 90% of our children here in Nebraska. Supporting and funding our public education in Nebraska is foundational to the success of our families and communities.